Lew and Ataman

Everyone is asleep until Lew gets an idea. Lew has a craving for feet. Manly feet. Lew uncovers Ataman and starts pleasing himself sucking and kissing on Ataman's feet. He then pulls his cock out and begins to tug as he continues sucking on those sweet toes. Ataman wakes up and helps to please Lew moving his feet around his hard erect cock. He moves from sucking on his cock and balls. They take turns sucking eachother off 69 style for a bit. Ataman then grabs some lube and a condom out of a dresser drawer and pounds Lew. He fucks him real hard. Lew was so good to his feet. So so good. Slamming bodies are seen. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. After this is all over the two return to cuddle again. You see them nuzzling feet. Good morning. Yes. Good morning. And now back to sleep. Click here to get your membership

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