Furby and Tobi

Furby and Tobi were definitely feeling hot and horny today. The two guys were actually feeling very intimate today versus their usual quick sex sessions that usually appear quickly and finish fast. The two of them started kissing each other and turning each other on. Tobi doesn't waste time and starts kissing all down Furby's legs. He loves the feeling of Tobi's tongue and lips all over his body and especially on the young man's feet. He definitely has a foot fetish and totally enjoys sucking each of the man's toes with care. Each toe has its own flavor and for him, it just works! Watch him suckle on his toes for several minutes before Furby returns the favor and starts playing with Tobi's feet too. Sucking Tobi's feet with his socks on was different than sucking a bare foot, so he quickly saved time and pulled off the boy's socks and worked his toes the same way Tobi was working his. Click here to get your membership

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